We Do Life

At Hickok & Boardman Life & Income Group we care about ensuring that you, your family and your business are ready to handle anything life can throw at you. Because of that, we strive to bring you the best coverage for LifeDisability, and Long-Term Care insurance through one of our highly trained specialists. Our specialists shop the market so you don’t have to and can consult you on the best coverage for your need. Whether you are a new family looking to buy your first policy, a business owner looking to update your buy/sell agreement, or you are interested in passing along your hard earned estate to the next generation, we can help. We do Life, and look forward to working with you.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

Our goal as advisers is to design a plan that is going to meet your expectations of financial freedom.  We build insurance portfolios around your financial situation so that all aspects work together to benefit you.  Watch this video and ask yourself, "What does financial freedom mean to you?"

Long-Term Care... Did You Know?

Business Continuation Planning

Tips for Managing an Inheritance